Monday, March 16, 2009

Vanilla Romance...

I'm staring at you,
Longing for you....
My anticipation building with the passing of every second
I can hear a consistent thud as the sound of my heartbeat gets louder
You're teasing me... Making me yearn for you
I so badly want to feel you in my mouth
The sweet sensation of tasting you with my tongue

I'm in my seventh heaven
Beside myself with pleasure
I try to resist you...
oooh i can’t take this anymore
I've got to have you

Slowly I advance
My tongue slithering over my lips
A resounding groan ensues from the gut of my throat
I close my eyes for a second
Images of you fill my head....
Creamy, velvety, and oh so sweet...

"Excuse me miss?? Are you going to order that shake you've been staring at?" her harsh voice intruding on my thoughts.

My eyes jerk open and the cashier is staring at me with utter amazement....

Shrugging, I give into temptation "Yes, I’ll have the vanilla shake" but this will be the last time, I thought to myself..I've got to resist your 'vanilla' charm...

Hehehehehhehehehehe... I fooled y'all didn’t I??

Later Luvs...Kisses!!!