Monday, July 6, 2009

When Catastrophe struck..

So i took some time off blogging to mourn the loss of the king of pop MJ.

Yeah right!! That's totally a lie.. What?! I could'nt think of any other excuse to give you guys..I know i've been bad lately. Blogging sporadically, not replying to comments and hardly making my blog rounds. I'm so sorry luvs, please forgive me. I've been working like crazy and i havent had the time but i promise to change..Also, i would like to thank everyone who left a comment on my post, The case of the Ex. Your words meant soooo much to me and i'm proud to say that i've moved on with my life. I took your advice and i'm not even in contact with him right now. Just what i needed.. I'm sending you guys hugs right back!!

That being said, I got a call from my sister two days ago and long after we'd finished talking, i was in shock and incredibly thankful to God for my life..
My luvs,here's the gist...

My sister called me and said "Fashinga, do you remember what happened to you some years ago at the Presidential hotels in Portharcourt?"
After she refreshed my memory, i responded "Yes i do..Why?" and then she proceeded to tell me the shocking story.. I know i'm confusing you guys right now but let me start from the begining.

A few years ago, my uncle who was in America, had sent me some money via western union and after collecting the money, i had gone to a particular 'mallam'(Mallam usually signifies muslim men from the north of Nigeria) friend of mine who was into 'bureau de change' to convert the money to Naira.

When i was done, as i was about to cross the street to where there was a gathering of 'okada'(Okada is the Nigerian term for motorcycle) drivers, i noticed a sleek black landcruiser jeep with dark tinted windows that stopped for me to cross.

After crossing I had taken a few steps when i heard someone call me from behind.

"Hey, hey.. Excuse me miss."

So i turn around to see who's calling. He's a tall, skinny, dark skinned man.. About 6ft 2.. His eyes were bloodshot looking and his palms looked very hard and calloused. He was dressed respectably in a blue, buttoned up longsleeved shirt and black khaki pants.

"Yes, how can i help you" I said

" I'm sorry to take up your time" he said politely "but did you happen to notice the car that stopped for you to cross the road?"
i nodded and he continued " Well, i'm the driver of that car. My boss noticed you as you crossed, and he likes you so he asked me to come and speak to you"

"Is that so? What about?" I asked very disintrestedly.

He smiled cockily and edged a little closer to me, speaking in a lower tone " You see sister, my boss is a very rich man. He is a white expatriate and he's doing business in Nigeria. You are very lucky to have caught his attention"

I arched my eyebrow when i heard that and the guy continued " I tell you, my Oga spends 'dollars.'( With emphasis on dollars. My Nigerian people will understand what i mean by this) He will shower you will lots of dollars and all he wants right now is for you to have lunch with him.."

I laugh for a few seconds and say " Look, i dont have time for all this, as you can see, i was going somewhere and i'm very busy. Tell your oga i'm not interested in his dollars" and with that, i turned to leave but he held me back

" I know you're a wise girl and you won't let this oppurtunity pass you by"

I wanted to give him a rude comeback and tell him to buzz off, but i changed my mind. Instead i said " Ok i have heard you.. I will go out with your oga but i cant follow you all the way to your car, people will notice me. Why dont you go and turn around? i'll wait right here for you"

He seemed pleased to hear that, and as soon as he turned around, i walked straight to where an okada was parked and boarded one home without looking back...

Now that you know about the 'incident' that my sister was reffering to, let me fastfoward to the future.

My sister called to tell me that a particular cousin of mine had been involved in a very similar incident that turned out to be almost fatal.

Now let me a little background info on this cousin of mine.. She's a very lively and fun person to be with. she doesnt take life too seriously and believes in her policy " There's only one life to live so live it to the fullest!"

She loves adventure and Men! Yes men! She's the type that would follow friends to parties out of state if she heard that there was gonna be a loaded guy from 'abraod' that she could possibly land.

So that fateful day, a similar thing had happened to her but knowing my cousin, it was no surprise to hear that she followed the so called 'driver' to the car but unfortunately for her, the supposed 'white' man that she expected to meet, turned out to be two hefty guys who immediately put a bag over her head when she got into the car. According the her, (from what my sister said) the last thought on her mind before she passed out was "Oh my God. I'm going to die"

She (my cousin) said she woke up in a room in a dark uncompleted building to find six other girls. they all had their hands tied to their backs and some were crying hysterically.. It immediately hit her that she had been caught by ritualists.

Well, let me cut the long story short 'cos this post is getting too lenghty...
They had come to take her away to perhaps meet her death and she was taken to a Native doctor who was supposed to perform some ritual before they hack her into pieces.But when she got there, the Native doctor looked at her strangely and told the other guys that her spirit was not good and if they used her for the medicine, she would spoil it and it wouldnt work.
So they were instructed to take her back. After they dropped her back in the room, she was exchanged with another girl,leaving just her and one more girl remaining. Before they left, she heard one of the guys telling another that they still had to kill her anyway.

When they left, the guy who was supposed to be guarding them had left probably to take a piss for a few mins so with survival on her mind, she decided to take a chance at escaping. Since she had been left untied, she helped the other girl out of the rope that bound her hands and they both slipped thru the open door and ran for their lives. The guy that was supposed to be gaurding them soon discovered that they had escaped and so he started running after them. She said the most shocking for her was when the guy threw an axe and it hit the other girl on the back. As she heard the blood chilling scream of the other girl as she fell, tears clouded her eyes and she just kept running as fast as her legs could take her without even pausing to look back..

Finally, she got to a clearing where she found two women fishing in the pond. So she frantically begged them to help her. They took her in their boat and she later found out that she was in a village called Omoku in Rivers state on the outskirts of Portharcourt.. With the help of the two women, she got to a motor park where she was able to board a bus back to portharcourt.

My sister told me that my cousin is still in shock and was just able to tell the story 'cos she hasnt been able to speak for a while now.

After what i heard, i was also in shock and still am, but for different reasons.. I kept thinking of what happened to me and how i left and took an okada home.
I kept wondering what would have become of me, had i entered that car. Would i have been as lucky as my cousin was,or would i be long gone now. I just thank God for saving my life as well as the life of my cousin though she learnt the hard way.

I'm sure God let her go through the experience to teach her a lesson. As for me, all those years of my mother telling me "Dont follow people you dont know" paid off. I was not phased by the 'white' man or the 'dollars'. And these guys (ritualists) use these techniques to lure Nigerian girls.

Well all i can do is just thank God because, there would have been no Fashinga by now and i wouldnt have met wonderful people like you!!

I won't be gone for long again! I promise..Thanks for your comments and love..It means soo much to me. I LOVE YOU!

Later Luvs..Kisses!!


Gee said... at mourning MJ...please mehn that pic is SCARYYYYY!

Gee said...

ahhh i was first!!!!!

Gee said...

wow at this story eyes were widening as i read this mostly bcuz i know all the places mentioned...i mean i live in ph, i kno the river, etc..mehn...scary story o!

UnderCover07 said...

I lived in Benin, and I used to hear such stories times wivout number. I no dey tke my life play o...I dnt even answer people, if I jst dnt feel lyk it. Bcos I also heard tales of how once u answer they use charm to hypnotize u into jst becoming a 'mugu'.

Am glad ur cousin is God be the glory!!!

Dnt go for too long biko...we miss u!

TayneMent said...

Wow!@story, especially the axe part. Thank God for your life and your cousin's.

Anonymous said...

I was going to Enugu and the ttrip got cancelled and I must say that I am sort of happy men!!!! Jesos!!!! I thank God for your life o.

~Sirius~ said...


That's freaking scary- I thank God she's ok- and you too.

At the end of the day- we all have to be really careful.
Fun, excitement, and lust for material things can always be gotten by other means.

I hope she feels better really soon- trust me, that's the last free ride she'll ever take from strangers- her kids are in trouble. (when they are born)

Tigeress said...

waow!!! see what awoof does.

Sweetnothin' said...

wow...I'm surprised but not really surprised

Fashinga said...

Gee: lol!! You live in ph??? That's so cool...cos that's where i grew up..correct babe!! I know the incident is really scary..tell me about it..damn!

Undercover07:lol @ not answering people..I don't blame you jo..I heard about that too..They used to call it 'touch and follow'!! I won't be gone long oh!! I miss u too sweetie!!

Taynement: That axe thing was the part that really got to me too..That girl was so close to having a shot at survival..its so sad...I thank God for my life and my cousin's as well..Thanks dear!

Temite: My personal person! Wats gud??! where are u at the moment? Naija? Thanks for coming by.

Sirius: Yep.. you're right! Lmao @ 'that's the last free ride she'll ever tak from strangers' lol!! I believe so too...i think she's really learned her lesson...

Tigress: lol!! real awoof..its not good at all!!

Sweetnothin: Now i know you aint suprised sweetie 'cos as a Nigerian you've probably heard so many stories like these...cos i've heard a lot too but never so close to home and for the fact that it almost happened to me,is so shocking...but thanks for stopping by..:-)

Fashinga said...

Oh sorry... Sweetnothin..I meant to say as an african.. I know ur!!! i'm claiming you as my Nigerian sister!

*Diane* said...

whoa...chills just ran up and down my spine..i grew up in ph so i started hearing stories like these all the time... i'm still paranoid
But seriously, thank God for your cousin's safety..and yours too.

Good Naija Girl said...

What a crazy world this is! Do you know that until I watched Jenifa I never thought this sort of thing happened? I am thankful to God for sparing your life and that of your cousin. I am sorry for those who did lose their lives, including the girl your cousin tried to rescue.

Honestly, I know it must be tough to avoid the lure of money especially if you don't have much but honestly more people have to realize that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Nollywood Forever said...

Wow! That is an incredible story... When I was in Nigeria on the way to the village, we got lost and my friend's mother was trying to ask for directions but everytime she would call anyone to ask they would see her and run. I thought this was very odd but then she said that it was because they probably assumed that she was a ritualist. Now I know why people run!

Nice Anon said...

I am in shock myself! OMG

RocNaija said...

Amazing story!
The only difference is I know it doesn't only happen in Naija..
You'll be amazed at stuff that happens in the UK as well..